Positive and Productive Workplaces Communications Toolkit

Responses to the 2012 People Matter Employee Survey showed that bullying is a significant issue in the NSW public sector. 29% or respondents to the 2012 survey said they experienced at least one instance of bullying in the previous 12 months. In subsequent surveys those numbers have declined to 23% in 2014, 20% in 2016 and 18% in 2017. The effects of bullying on individuals and organisations mean it is important to take new steps to reinforce these improvements.

The Respect. Reflect. Reset. campaign offers agencies additional tools for preventing bullying and reducing unreasonable behaviour. NSW government sector agencies are encouraged to use any of these tools to continue to build on their own workplace programs for respectful and inclusive working teams.

You may wish to build your own webpage for the campaign, or link your chosen collateral to the PSC public webpage - Positive and Productive Workplaces

Creating the concept

This concept was developed to reduce unreasonable behaviour and has been based on comprehensive research and collaboration with a cross-sector working group. Research included 17 focus groups with leaders and employees from across NSW government to understand how to reduce bullying in the workplace.

The aim of these materials is to prompt everyone to reflect on their own behaviour and take ownership for the role they play in creating a positive workplace

The campaign cues new habits in thinking:

  • Respect your role, each other, and our organisation’s values and code of conduct
  • Reflect on how your behaviour contributes to an inclusive, positive and productive workplace
  • Reset your mindset and step into a positive frame

Agencies can use these materials to help reset the culture by clarifying values and expectations, setting standards of behaviour and focusing on building a positive and productive workplace. The resources can be used as a training or induction tool, a discussion point for team meetings, or to complement current or future workplace programs.

Tool Target Audiences
‘At a glance’ one page guides For agencies to use with appropriate audiences. Topics are:

  • At a glance: Expected vs unreasonable behaviour
  • At a glance: Why prevent bullying in your organisation
  • At a glance: Preventing workplace bullying
  • At a glance for managers: Responding to unreasonable behaviour or bullying
Posters All employees
Presentation for Executive launch Senior Executives Managers and trainers
Themed Animations Communications professionals
Themed Scenarios HR professionals and trainers
Style Guide Communications professionals
Web Graphic tools Communications professionals

guideGuide for Positive and Productive Workplaces

This guide supports NSW government sector agencies, their leaders and employees in preventing, identifying and responding to workplace bullying.

workforce-dashboardWorkforce Dashboard: Understand Bullying

This set of culture and behaviour measures at agency level are monitored and analysed on an ongoing basis for early problem detection and proactive planning to reduce bullying in the agency.

rrr-campaignRespect. Reflect. Reset. Campaign

This campaign sets out to reframe the way people think about their positive contribution to the workplace. Agencies can adapt the communication materials to complement and enhance their current or future programs for preventing bullying.

View the Respect. Reflect. Reset. guidelines
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