Diversity and inclusion

Our goal in the NSW public sector is to attract and retain the right people for the right jobs, no matter what their gender, race, age, religious beliefs, or personal commitments.
This means that we are embedding diversity and inclusion in everything we do on a daily basis, whether it be our recruitment processes, workplace culture, career development programs, customer service or policies and procedures.

By embracing people from all walks of life within our community, we’re building a strong, motivated and dynamic workforce that’s reflective of the diversity of our State. This gives us a deeper understanding of the communities we serve and allows us to deliver better outcomes for the people of NSW through our wide range of expertise, perspectives and innovative ideas.

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Behavioural Approaches to Increasing Workforce Diversity pdf coverAddressing unconscious bias in recruitment and promotion

The latest research on overcoming unconscious bias in recruitment has been analysed and distilled into a practical guide by the Behavioural Insights Unit in the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.

From suggesting alternate outreach options for attracting staff, to restructuring assessments, to new decision-making methods, the paper is an invaluable resource for reducing the influence of bias on recruitment, retention and promotion in the government sector.

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Disability AwarenessDisability Awareness

The PSC, in collaboration with sector employees and experts, has developed two e-learning modules to improve disability awareness among NSW public sector employees.

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Our progress and performance
Our progress and performance

We know that as well as demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion through our actions, it’s important to be clear, transparent and accountable to the public about this commitment.

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gender equity
Gender equity

We want everyone that’s part of our workforce to have an equal opportunity in making a meaningful contribution to their State and community – no matter what their gender.

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Flexible work helps our people to be as productive as possible while providing them with more choices about how they balance their commitments outside of work.

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aboriginal workforce
Aboriginal workforce

As one of the Premier's Priorities across the NSW public sector, it’s important for us to provide employment and career development opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

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Our inclusion journey

Diversity and Inclusion strategyDiversity and inclusion strategy

Being an inclusive employer means bringing together, and embracing a diverse workforce so that every unique person feels valued, respected and supported.

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Disability and accessibilityDisability and accessibility

As one in five people in NSW have disability, we need to ensure we have a workforce that is representative of our population and that leverages a large and diverse pool of talented candidates.

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Age diversityAge diversity

Making sure we have a talented mix of people across all life stages and ages is important to us and helps provide us with a diverse range of perspective.

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Cultural diversityCultural diversity

As a culturally diverse workforce, we’re able to bring together our unique cultural perspectives to deliver better outcomes for the people of NSW through a deeper understanding of our communities.

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LGBTIQ+ equityLGBTIQ+ equity

We are building a diverse workforce to reflect the community, with around 11 in 100 Australians identifying as having a diverse sexual orientation, sex or gender identity.

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Our partners

australian network on disability
pride in diversity
diversity council australia

The Public Service Commission acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of the land on which our office stands.