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Application process

Research Scientist application process

Key dates

  • 2023 Research Scientist Application rounds will commence on 15 May 2023. 
  • Applicants can apply online using this link: https://rsc.awardsplatform.com
  • Applicants will be able to submit online applications by COB, 30 June 2023.
  • It is expected that the interviews will take place from early to late August.
  • Details of the classification and the assessment criteria for each level of the classification are included in the revised 2020 Research Scientist Classification Policy and Guidelines (“the Guidelines”). Please note this version supersedes the 2012 version of the Guidelines.

Further information and technical support

Instructions for applicants

Applicants need to complete and submit an online application form with the required documents. On submission of the application the applicant’s nominated referees, supervisor and the agency contact person will receive a link to complete their respective reports online. Please ensure that you provide the contact details for each nominated person correctly. Please check with your agency who the nominated contact person is before starting your application. Please note that there is a new standard template for completion of your supervisor report. You will be able to view your supervisor’s report online upon completion. 

To register and apply please follow these steps: 

  • Complete the application by using this link: https://rsc.awardsplatform.com 
  • Fill in ALL fields provided in the form. If there are any blank fields the application will not be accepted. 
  • Once your application is submitted your Agency will automatically receive a copy of your application to complete their summary report. You no longer need to provide your agency with a printed copy of your written application. You will be able to attach the required documentation with your application form. 

Interviews will be conducted from early to late August 2023 at the Public Service Commission’s offices on level 4, 255 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 or virtually where needed. 

Information for agencies

The nominated contact person from the Agency will receive a link to complete and submit the Agency’s online summary report. Agencies will need to inform the applicant who is their nominated contact person so they can provide this information on the application form. The Agency will be able to view the completed application form online along with applicant’s supervisors report. 

The Agency will need to complete their report, no later than close of business 4 August 2023. 

Information for referees

Once the online application is submitted, referees will receive a link to complete the online report questionnaire to support the applicant. Referees are required to submit their completed questionnaires by no later than COB 28 July 2023. 

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their nominated referees are individually aware of their nomination and will be able to provide their report within the required time frame. If a referee's report has not been submitted, the applicant's written application will be distributed to the interview panel without the referee's report and this may impact on the applicant's final classification.