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Government Employee Number

The Government Employee Number (GEN) is a unique identifier for all NSW government employees. The GEN will remain the same for an employee across government agencies. GEN provides the only sector wide view of the workforce and is designed to help with improving workforce strategy and analysis for the sector.  

How the GEN and your information will be used

  • GEN data is uploaded by authorised GEN Administrators (GEN Admins), usually HR employees, across NSW government agencies and stored in a secure system managed by the Public Service Commission (PSC).
  • The information provided by GEN Admins is used as a key linkage between the data facilitating the Workforce Profile census, workforce strategy and statutory reporting.
  • The GEN is used for some cross-sector applications as an extra validation measure to ensure only existing sector employees have access to those applications. 

Benefits of the GEN

  • The GEN stays with an employee throughout their career in NSW government, across agencies and even if they leave government and return later. This provides an overview of an employee’s career path within government that was not previously available.  
  • The GEN is the only sector wide resource used to communicate to the entire NSW government workforce.  

Who has access to GEN information?

As custodians of the GEN data, the PSC manages and monitors access, which is restricted to authorised individuals, endorsed at Director level within their own agency.

GEN Admin specific information and resources.

Further information and resources for employees.

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