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Workforce Dashboard

What is it?

The PSC Workforce Dashboard is an analytical tool that enables NSW Public Sector Departments and agencies to answer important questions regarding their workforce on issues such as engagement, performance and productivity. It also allows them to benchmark against other agencies and can be used to investigate the links between workforce strategies, practices and business outcomes.

Where is the data coming from?

The Workforce Dashboard currently draws data from the collections managed by the PSC: Workforce Profile, People Matter Employee Survey, I work for NSW recruitment data and the Flex Implementation Tracker.

Who is it for?

The Workforce Dashboard is designed to meet the needs of business users (e.g. managers, Senior Executives and Department Secretaries) and workforce data analysts in the NSW Public Sector. The dashboard will display information relevant to each user based on their role and data access level.  

What is included?

To cater for the two audiences mentioned above, the dashboard is divided into two separate streams: Managers and Workforce Analysts.


The Managers stream includes the following apps:

  • KPIs: displays performance, benchmarking and analysis for the sector-wide key performance indicators;
  • Indicators: gives an overview of how Departments and agencies are performing across a broader range of workforce measures;
  • Benchmarking: shows how Departments and agencies compare against their peers and the Sector average;
  • PMES: provides aggregate analysis of People Matter Employee Survey data at indicator and question level; and
  • Understand Bullying: an innovative management tool that monitors areas of risk associated with bullying.

The Workforce analysts stream includes three further apps:

  • Geospatial: shows the distribution of employees and enables the analysis of characteristics of the Public Sector workforce across NSW;
  • Analytics: allows the user to interrogate data and investigate specific workforce-related business problems.
  • Flexible working: allow users to analyse and benchmark the implementation and usage of flexible working in their department or agency

How to access the dashboard?

The PSC has allocated licences to nominated users in NSW Public Sector departments and agencies. Additional licences may be available and interested parties should contact us for further information.

Contact us

If you have any questions, are interested in accessing the dashboard, or have feedback on the dashboard, email us at or call Workforce Information on 9272 6123.