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Employees and GEN

Further information about GEN for Government Employees

How do I find my GEN and what information is included?

Your GEN can be provided by your agency’s HR team. The GEN is recorded in your agency’s human resources information system. 

The information linked to your GEN is a combination of employment information and personal information. It includes:

  • first and last names
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • employment start date 
  • employee ID 
  • role title 
  • work email address

Job applications and GEN

If you are applying for a role within NSW Government and you know your GEN, then you can include this in your application. However, if you do not know your GEN, your application can still progress without entering your GEN. 

Once you have been successfully recruited, your GEN will be allocated or updated to reflect your new role by the HR team at your agency.

Extended employment data and GEN

The GEN was implemented in 2015, so all active employments from 2015 are included in your GEN employment history. Any previous employments prior to the GEN rollout in 2015 are not captured.

Please note that the employment history recorded in your GEN record does not impact on your length of service or entitlements. The full record of your employment history is held by your agency’s HR system. 

Privacy and GEN

Because creating your GEN involves collecting some information about you, the Public Service Commission  developed the Privacy Code of Practice for the Public Service Commission, in consultation with the NSW Privacy Commissioner. The Privacy Code of Practice was authorised by the Attorney General and published in the Gazette on 3 August 2018. It is designed to ensure the privacy and security of your information. 

Provides information in relation to privacy and your information.

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