ICT sector role descriptions

Below are 55 ICT sector role descriptions developed and endorsed by the ICT and Digital Leadership Group for use by the sector. Each role description has been developed using the  authorised NSW Senior Executive Work Level Standards, Role Description Template and is in line with the Role Description Development Guide.

When using these sector role descriptions please refer to the Sector Role Description Action Guide  (PDF 99.1KB) and the Sector Role Descriptions Frequently Asked Questions.

All role descriptions specify the capability levels required for the role, which have been identified from the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework and the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).


The SFIA Foundation released version 6 of the Skills Framework for the Information Age on 1 July 2015. The ICT Leadership Group endorsed SFIA version 6 on 4 September 2015. The PSC and an ICT working group will update the suite of ICT sector role descriptions (currently based on version 5) in line with SFIA version 6 in 2016.

Utility of the role descriptions

The PSC has partnered with ICT subject matter experts across the sector to use these sector role descriptions to develop an ICT Career Pathway Framework which is a tool to assist with both individual career planning and agency level workforce planning.

The sector role descriptions can also support a variety of other workforce management activities, such as recruitment, learning and development and performance management.

Emerging ICT sector role descriptions will be added to the sector role description library as they are endorsed by the ICT and Digital Leadership Group.

Email capabilityframework@psc.nsw.gov.au for any enquiries about the ICT sector role descriptions.