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Getting recruitment right has never been more important. When done well it leads to the selection of the candidate best suited to the role and the needs of the agency.

The recruitment and selection webpages help recruiters and hiring managers in the NSW Public Service to make informed hiring decisions. It is organised around those areas that have the biggest impact on how you recruit.

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GSE Rule amendments – Assessment processes and talent pools

Amendments to the Government Sector Employment (General) Rules 2014 (the GSE Rules) came into effect on 2 September 2019.

Details of the amendments are set out in the Government Sector Employment (General) Rules (Amendment No 10—Miscellaneous) 2019. The main intention of the amendments is to:

  • Simplify assessment processes by making clear that the minimum requirement is for an assessment of focus capabilities, knowledge and experience, rather than an assessment of all the capabilities in the role description along with knowledge and experience
  • Improve talent pools by extending their maximum duration from 12 to 18 months and allowing referee checks to be done when considering a person for employment
  • Remove obsolete transitional provisions in rules 20 and 22D.

This fact sheet provides more details on the changes to assessment processes:

This fact sheet provides more details on the changes to talent pools:

filling a role Filling a role

Easily navigate the range of options for filling roles using our guidance and decision tree.

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planning a process Planning a recruitment and selection process

Make time to plan your recruitment process to put yourself in a good position to find the best person for the role.

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attracting candidates Attracting candidates

Shift your thinking from what you want from candidates to what you have to offer to attract interest from job seekers.

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assessing candidates Assessing candidates

Assess candidates using multiple assessments to provide a solid evidence base for your selection decision.

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deciding and appointing Deciding and appointing

Make an offer of employment after weighing all the available evidence on balance.

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