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Culture and ethics

The government sector is expected to have a culture which makes it effective and fair. We conduct ourselves in line with our core values, we reflect the diversity of the wider community.

Aboriginal employment strategy
The NSW Public Service aims to ensure Aboriginal employees participate across all levels of the Public Sector.
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Diversity and Inclusion
Our goal in The NSW public sector aims to attract and retain the right people for the right jobs, no matter what their gender, race, age, religious beliefs, or personal commitments. This means that we should be embedding diversity and inclusion in everything we do - our recruitment processes, workplace culture, career development programs, customer service or policies and procedures.
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Ethics and conduct
All people employed in the government sector are legally required to act ethically and in the public interest. Government sector employees are required to demonstrate the highest levels of ethical conduct in their working relations with other government sector employees, clients and customers, stakeholders and the government of the day. These standards of conduct are specified in The Code of Ethics and Conduct for NSW government sector employees.
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Workplace conflict
Establishing and maintaining a positive, respectful and productive work environment can prevent the emergence of bullying and other unreasonable behaviours.
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