‘Make Flexibility Happen’ has been developed to help implement flexible working across the NSW government sector. Use the steps below to decide which step your agency has reached, then dive as deep as you need into the advice given in each section. The aim is to reach a state where flexible working is embedded across your agency and has become business as usual.

The content is informed by a research paper Dr Graeme Russell and Linda Haas wrote, which examines the organisational context of flexibility initiatives. The paper suggests “an innovative and business-integrated framework is needed for flexibility to ‘stick’ and have a positive impact on organisational and individual outcomes”. This framework forms the basis for the structure of this guidance, contextualised by the examples and experiences the PSC flexible working team has observed when working with the sector.

Step 1: Build leadership buy-in

Is the rationale for flexible working understood and supported by senior leaders?

Step 2: Scope and plan your program of work

Has your senior leadership team agreed and communicated a flexible working vision?

Step 3: Launch your flexible working initiatives

Do your managers and teams know what flexible working looks like, and how to do it in your agency context?

Step 4: Introduce the change slowly, and trial it

Are your managers and teams ready to give flexible working a go?

Step 5: Measure your progress and evaluate its impact

Have you completed all the activities you planned for implementation?

Step 6: Integrate flexible working into BAU processes

Have you implemented flexible working and looking for ways to continually improve?

Make Flexibility Happen Guide