We have created a playbook to help you customise a change plan for your agency to embed flexible working. It's based around 5 key areas that we've identified typically need to change:

  • Culture & Mindsets
  • Skills & Experience
  • Communications & Awareness
  • Workforce Management
  • Technology & Systems

The PSC recently developed these 5 change management guides for flexible working, to be used in conjunction with a Flexibility Implementation Tracker (FIT). The guides were developed as a playbook for flexible working change leaders to drive the implementation of flexible working in their agencies. The FIT is an agency self-assessment tool to indicate how thoroughly the agency has implemented flexible working (ad hoc, consolidated, embedded) across each of the 5 behaviour and practice areas contained in the guides.

To create a custom-designed playbook that matches your agency’s FIT score, or to take a summarised version of the FIT, visit our Flexible Working Playbook website

To access the full versions of the playbooks in PDF, use the 6 links below.