Please be advised the Gemini3 job share platform was discontinued in June 2022. Guides and resources on job sharing arrangements continue to be available.

Your agency’s CEO is responsible for ensuring the policy commitment is met but understanding what that looks like in your agency’s unique operating context can be challenging, and typically requires support from People and Culture teams.

Working with the sector, the PSC has developed a large range of resources to help you. These support implementation, revise policy, build capability and support cultural change, and how to monitor and evaluate your efforts.

Need help implementing the change?

How to implement flexible working

If your agency is starting to implement flexible working or you’d like advice on progressing the next stage, here is a best-practice guide on how to implement flexible working.

Building leadership support

If you need to first engage your leadership and build support for your program of work, we have developed a toolkit to give you a step by step process in two phases.

Change playbooks

We’ve also developed a set of change playbooks to help you drive change in your agency’s culture, awareness, capability, workforce management and ICT systems. These guides can be customised into a bespoke playbook for your agency.

Revising or writing your flex work policy

Policy guidance

If you’re revising your agency’s policy on flexible working, here is our guidance on what to include in a flexible working policy, including a sample policy and draft forms and checklists you can include.

Types of flexible working

We’ve also summarised the different types of flexible working that could be relevant in your agency, depending on its context and current industrial instruments.

Are you building capability in flexible working?

Building capability in flexible working is one of the tougher challenges, so we have a number of resources here to save you needing to develop your own.

Skill set and development guide

Start with your own skill set and use the self-assessment to test your HR/recruitment knowledge and skills in flexible working as you prepare to embed flexible working. There is also a development guide if you find you want to grow your capability in a given area.

Awareness and engagement sessions

If you need to provide training to build employee and manager capability, here is a sample workshop templates and facilitator guide. The focus of these are to raise awareness of roles and responsibilities and building skills in working effectively in or leading a flexible team.

Employee conversation guide

Conversation guides for employees for requesting a flexible work arrangement

Manager conversation guide

Conversation guides for managers when considering a request for a flexible work arrangement.

Design your own flexible working trial

Here is a toolkit for trialling flexible working. It’s aimed at line managers but is a great resource for any agency seeking to introduce flexible working and trial it in an operationally safe way.

Are you raising awareness or changing mindsets in flexible working?

In addition to our resources, it’s also useful to use some of the research the PSC has done to understand current perceptions of flexible working in our sector, as your communications and cultural change initiatives will need to shift or leverage some of these.

Communications toolkit

Here’s a communications toolkit with a suggested whole of agency strategy for flexible working, branding, artwork for collateral and key messages, to raise awareness about flexible working.

Shifting perspectives on flexible working

Here are some personas we developed that give you an insight into the fears, concerns and dilemmas many employees and managers currently face, and how to resolve these.

Misgivings about flexible working

We’ve captured some of these misgivings into a short Q & A format you can use to tailor leadership messaging about flexible working.

Behavioural insights trial

If you’re concerned about how best to communicate with managers, and encourage them to explore more for themselves, we undertook a behavioural insights trial with the BI Unit in the Department of Customer Service.

Is your agency championing job share?

Job share in your agency

If your agency is keen to better support job share, we have a guide for you that will help People and Culture professionals to support the recruitment, management and development of job share.

Job share planning tool

There’s guides available for employees, managers and leaders, and a planning tool for job sharers to plan their arrangement.

The PSC piloted a job share matching platform until June 2020, to make it easier for people interested in job share to find out more, meet other potential job sharers and see applicable roles advertised. It links potential job sharers with each other and provides them with some insight into their potential compatibility or areas they may need to work on. It also hosts resources for managers, HR teams and agency leaders on how to support and enable job share.

The following agencies participated in this pilot (note, titles do not reflect Machinery of Government changes announced in April 2019):

  • Customer Service cluster
  • Family and Community Services, Stronger Communities
  • Industry, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Public Service Commission
  • Roads and Maritime Services, Transport for NSW
  • Education (corporate division)
  • Treasury

We’ve now worked with participating agencies, participants and examined our data to evaluate its effectiveness . The evidence is that it has made it easier for people to learn more about job share and plan an arrangement, and there has been an increase in job share in each of the agencies participating. Ongoing work is required in agencies, however, to ensure a culture supportive of job share continues to be built. 

All NSW government sector employees can seek a job share. Use the resources freely above to champion job hare further in your agency, given its role as a key enabler of diversity through unlocking varied workforce participation.

Are you advertising flexibility?

Recruitment is a key component to build a flexible workforce. Our commitment to flexible working, and the options available, need to be clearly communicated to prospective public sector employees. Research shows advertising flexible working options in new roles not only increases the number of applicants, but also increases the number of other jobs advertising flexibility.

How to advertise flexibility

How agencies can highlight ways in which a role can be done flexibly.

Measuring and evaluating your agency’s progress

Tracking your agency’s progress in flexible working is as important as building awareness and capability.

Measuring and evaluating progress

The Flexibility Implementation Tracker and pulse surveys will help your agency to gauge where it is at now, how things are tracking and what it needs to change to embed flexible working into everyday working.

Using workforce data

We've analysed some of the data from the 2017 People Matter employee survey and Workforce Profile, to reveal a number of useful insights if you’re building a business case for flexible working.