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The GEN (Government Employee Number) is a unique identifier for all NSW government employees.

All GENs contain eight characters, starting with a ‘G’ followed by two alpha and five numeric characters. Except for the ‘G,’ all characters are randomly assigned. GENs do not contain vowels or the letters ‘L’ and ‘S’. Examples of GENs include GTH08118, GMP51081.

How the GEN will be used?

  • It will be used by the PSC and your department/agency for workforce planning, reporting, analysis, research
  • The PSC will collect the GENs in its regular Workforce Profile collection, which provides the evidence base for the development of workforce management policy for the sector, but this will not include nor allow any link to personal identifying information such as your name and email address
  • The GEN will improve the research and analytical ability of PSC and the sector, using anonymised data - for example, it will enable better quality analysis on the level of mobility in the sector as employees move between agencies or in and out of the government sector
  • It will also be used to communicate important information to all public sector employees.

Benefits of the GEN

  • ability to quickly and seamlessly communicate with all public sector employees
  • responsive reporting to help drive whole of government initiatives
  • can be used by agencies for validation purposes (e.g. access to agency applications)
  • ability for agencies to undertake longitudinal workforce analysis of employee mobility as well as improve evidence-based workforce management policy development
  • enables the PSC to deliver analytics to the sector to drive progress on the Premier’s Priorities as well as the PSC Strategic Directions - Towards 2025
  • key enabler
    • for automated workforce profile data collection, (to replace the current annual manual process)
    • for automated collection of other workforce data sets with the workforce profile to help with predictive workforce analytics
  • the ability for predictive workforce analytics enables strategic insights around workforce complexities we might not yet understand
  • evidence-based planning for the workforce of the future