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Who this framework applies to

Information on who will find the framework useful.

The framework sets the approach for developing all aspects of performance for the NSW government sector. It supports:

  • agencies in implementing a performance management system with respect to their employees as required under legislation
  • managers and employees in understanding their roles in effective performance development.

The framework defines baseline principles for effective performance management and describes efforts, behaviours and approaches for achieving outcomes. Specific performance management processes are not prescribed in the framework to enhance its applicability across different workforces and diverse role types in the NSW government sector.

Performance management systems apply to employees of government sector agencies. They do not apply to:

  • state-owned corporations
  • employees of labour hire agencies
  • non-government employees, such as employees of organisations contracted to provide services to or on behalf of a government agency
  • employees in specialist classifications who are also covered by performance management provisions enshrined in an award, agreement, piece of legislation or some other instrument1

The practical application of the framework to casual and temporary staff will vary depending on the role and length of employment. Agencies may choose to vary application of the essential elements to casual and temporary employees to ensure performance of all employees supports the delivery of business outcomes.

1 These instruments will take precedence over the framework. However, we will work towards the alignment of the framework with these instruments over time.