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Using frameworks for performance development

The benefits of effective performance practices.

The core requirements and corresponding essential elements within the Performance Development Framework establish a consistent reference point for agencies to:

  • establish the outcome - focused expectations of people managers and employees in performance development
  • build a shared understanding of principles for effective performance management and development
  • review organisational ‘current state’ against these baseline expectations and isolate areas for development
  • prioritise improvement areas for investment to build more effective systems and practices and measure outcomes.

Effective performance practices should be based on demonstrated capabilities against the requirements of the role. The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework describes the capabilities and associated behaviours expected of all NSW government sector employees, both executive and non-executive. The capabilities allow people managers and employees to have a clear, shared understanding of role expectations and provide a starting point for constructive feedback and development discussions. People management capability is critical to effective performance management. The Capability Framework describes the capabilities required of all employees who manage people and includes behaviours focused on developing capability and potential in others.