In 2015 the Commission engaged Mercer to conduct a review of remuneration for administrative and clerical, as well as executive Public Service employees.

This publication outlines a comparative analysis of remuneration frameworks and the grading and classification of roles within the NSW Public Service.

Mercer conducted a series of comparative analyses of remuneration frameworks, comparing NSW non-executive and executive grading and remuneration frameworks with those applied in other Australian jurisdictions, as well as within the NSW Public Service.

Mercer also analysed the work value of roles using desk-top and interview based investigations.

The review highlighted the complexities of comparing remuneration arrangements across jurisdictions as well as within the NSW Public Service. Grading and remuneration frameworks across jurisdictions and within the NSW public service vary considerably. Variations occur in the number of grades, work value spans within grades, remuneration ranges associated with grades, and remuneration levels for roles of similar work value.

Review of NSW Public Service Remuneration