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Capability Framework stocktake report

The Capability Framework supports the development and application of capabilities commonly required by NSW government employees to serve the people of NSW effectively.

It is a living document and may need to be adapted from time to time to reflect changes in the nature of public sector work and service delivery models.

Capability Framework Stocktake Report

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The Capability Framework Stocktake Project explored the perspectives of agency Human Resources Professionals and Line Managers on the content, structure and use of the Framework, and researched emerging capability needs through consultation with sector special interest/subject matter expert groups, the capabilities literature and developments in other jurisdictions.

The Key Findings and Recommendations of the Report were considered with a number of other major studies including the independent Recruitment Review, the PSC Rules Review, and Work of the Future initiatives. 

The Capability Framework and guidelines for its application were subsequently revised.
Sector agencies will continue to be consulted on the progressive development and implementation of strategies and resources to carry public sector workforce management into the future. 

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