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Strategic workforce planning

Strategic workforce planning is about understanding and planning for the effects of strategic and operational business imperatives on the workforce, including the organisation’s strategic plan, environmental impacts and social dynamics.

At a glance

Strategic workforce planning typically covers a three- to five-year horizon to ensure that an organisation has the right people in the right roles at the right time at the right cost. It can be contrasted with operational workforce planning, which looks at the day-to-day, short-term demands of the business to determine resource allocation.

Good strategic workforce planning is well integrated with business planning and used as a key strategic business tool. It requires good stakeholder engagement across the organisation. Business units and functional areas should take a collaborative approach to monitor progress and revise as needed.

More information

  • The Strategic Workforce Planning Framework has been developed to assist agencies across the NSW Government sector to better understand and prepare for their future workforce needs. It outlines a practical, principles-based approach to implementing strategic workforce planning, which can be easily adapted to meet the particular circumstances and workforce needs of individual agencies.