Leadership Development Courses

The PSC’s Leadership Development Courses are designed to support the NSW Government's priorities to build capability and capacity in senior executive positions.

The development programs are specifically designed to provide opportunities for executives to broaden their professional experiences, hone existing leadership capability and close identified capability gaps.

Cranlana Colloquium

The Cranlana Colloquium provides participants with a set of value-based frameworks for making difficult decisions and delivers an opportunity to make explicit the implicit principles that guide leadership in organisations.

Suitable for: Band 1 and 2 Senior Executives.

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Delivering Business Results

This four-day program will strengthen your performance in delivering results, by building on your existing strategic planning knowledge and skills.

Suitable for: Band 2 and 3 Senior executives and equivalent.

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Executive Connections

The Executive Connections series of one-off events, features short topical sessions aimed at addressing contemporary issues facing leaders within the NSW public sector.

Suitable for: All senior executives across the NSW Public Sector.

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Executive Fellows Program (external course ANZSOG)

The Executive Fellows Program (EFP) is an intensive, three-week residential program targeted towards senior public sector executives who want to further develop their leadership, management and relationship skills. The course is delivered by the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG). 

Suitable for: Band 2 and Band 3 senior executives.

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Executive Leadership Essentials Program

A focus of the program is the opportunity to influence change within the senior executive which is provided through key reform enablers such as the GSE Act, Capability Framework and Performance Management Framework.

Suitable for: Band 1 – Band 3 executives.

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Executive Master of Public Administration (external course ANZSOG)

The Executive Master of Public Administration is a two year part-time post graduate degree delivered by the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) and participating universities. Applications for the 2017 Executive Master of Public Administration opened in August 2016.

Suitable for: Grade 11/12 (or equivalent) to Band 2 executives.

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Public Sector Management Program (external course Queensland University of Technology)

The Public Sector Management Program is a flexible and dynamic study option catering specifically for mid-level managers in the modern Australian public service.

Suitable for: Grade 7/8 to Grade 11/12 employees.

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