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Virtual internship program


Our virtual internship program gives students an “internship-like” experience of working in NSW Government.

Why join our virtual internship program?

Right now, there are exciting things happening in our state. Transitioning NSW into a new era requires talented and passionate people, including students like you, who want to become our future leaders.

What can you do?

Our internship modules will give you real insight into life in the NSW Government Graduate Program and reflect the work our graduates do. You can complete modules in:

  • Digital
  • Policy
  • Data Analysis
  • Legal
  • Economics
  • Marketing and Communications. 

To find out more and get a taste of life as a NSW Government graduate, enrol in the virtual internship program through GradConnection.

“I very much enjoyed the program and will definitely apply for the grad position. I did the program just to see what it might be like, but after completing it, I can see myself in a policy position at any level of government and believe I could thrive there.”
– Virtual internship program participant