Workforce Profile Collection

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Annual Workforce Information Collection June 2019

The census date for the 2019 Workforce Profile Collection is 27 June 2019. The collections system opens on 28 June 2019 and all submissions are due to be submitted by 23 July 2019, with final agency approval due 26 July 2019. There are a number of key reference documents to support agencies in the preparation and submission of the workforce profile data.

  • This provides the detail of all data items collected for the current year and the data validation rules for each item. It includes the formulas for the two FTE values (8a and 8b) that agencies are required to calculate in the file.

  • This details all changes that have been made to the data specifications since the previous collection.

  • As the GEN system moves off Identity Hub from 17 May to 9 June, there will be a freeze on allocation of Government Employee Numbers during this time. It is important that GENs are allocated before the workforce profile collection as this data item is used in time series analysis. GEN administrators have been advised and requested to make updates through the new GEN solution before 27 June, workforce profile census date.

    Please review your GEN data before uploading your file to check for any missing GEN’s, allowing time for these to be allocated. Details of GEN administrators can be found in the following file.

  • This guide provides detailed instructions for preparing, uploading and approving the Workforce Profile data files.

  • This manual provides detail of the error and warning messages that can be generated when Workforce Profile data files are submitted and guidance on how to resolve these.

  • This provides details of how to resolve a common error that is experienced by submitters when uploading files, due to the file containing non-UTF-8 encoded characters.

  • This template is to be populated if data items Sub division ID level 1 (9a) and Sub division ID level 2 (9b) are included in the file. This enables PSC to correctly map the sub-divisions to division ID (3o) and for the sub-division names to appear in the workforce dashboard.

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