Data collection

Workforce Information Collection Process

Welcome to the WIW

Access to the Workforce Information Warehouse is available only to authorised officers for submission, reporting and analysis.

Note: Not all browser types are supported for the Workforce Information Warehouse. Please use the most recent version of Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Submitting data to the Workforce Information Warehouse

The online interface for the Workforce Information Warehouse (WIW) allows the PSC to maintain validations centrally. Agencies with subsidiary divisions can choose how to break up data with separate submitters and approvers.

The required method of submission to WIW is to load a CSV (comma separated values) file onto a web based platform, which performs online validations and approvals. The specification for the CSV file is simply the Data Specifications document as published, but to assist agencies a simple example is available to download within the WIW Submission module itself.

Other key points when creating the CSV file are:

  • The file must be UTF-8 compliant
  • The file must be comma delimited
  • Values should not be enclosed in quotes
  • Trailing spaces should be removed from fields
  • There must be one header row

About being a submitter or approver

The WIW provides workflow that ensures agencies have access to reports and approval tools to review and verify the accuracy of submitted data online, before it is passed to PSC analysts. PSC relies on clusters and agencies to manage their internal approval and submission processes. Approvers will receive an email link to an approval report on the web, which includes the option to approve or reject each submission. The accuracy and quality of workforce data is vital for workforce reporting and for the State of the NSW Public Sector Report, so approvers must be prepared to verify and sign off the information submitted on behalf of their agency or cluster.

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