Collaboration between sectors report and blueprint

Joining forces to improve customer service

In 2013 the Public Service Commission Advisory Board commissioned research to provide advice on successful models of collaboration within and between the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

The Nous Group (Nous) lead the research and examined leading practice in Australian and overseas jurisdictions, and collaboration with academia. Findings were tested with knowledge experts as well as practitioners from all sectors with the aim of gathering evidence that could be used to build on leading practice and challenge all sectors to work differently in the areas that show the most benefit in delivering improved customer outcomes. 

Collaboration research report titled 'Collaboration between sectors to improve customer outcomes for citizens of NSW'


Collaboration between sectors to improve customer outcomes for citizens of NSW

Download the full report (PDF 4.4MB)

The collaboration blueprint provides an overview of the elements to consider when deciding on ‘why’, ‘with whom’ and ‘how’ to collaborate. It is based on a review of collaboration literature as well as insights and experience from practitioners in the public, private and not for profit sectors.

This collaboration blueprint consists of:

  • A high-level depiction of a collaboration framework
  • Guidance about how to apply the framework
  • A detailed version of the collaboration framework

This blueprint is a guide. It is designed as a tool to form the basis of discussions within and between potential collaborating organisations. It does not provide ‘yes or no’ answers. Rather, it is intended to guide consideration of the potential or existing collaboration. The blueprint may also trigger new questions to consider specific to different types of collaboration projects.

Collaboration blueprint


Collaboration blueprint

Download the full Collaboration blueprint (PDF 811.4KB)

Download a one-page collaboration framework (DOCX 168.5KB)