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Capability Framework Stocktake Report
The Capability Framework Stocktake Project explored the perspectives of agency Human Resources Professionals and Line Managers on the content, structure and use of the Framework, and researched emerging capability needs through consultation with sector special interest/subject matter expert groups, the capabilities literature and developments in other jurisdictions.
Creating a Collaboration Culture
In 2013 the Public Service Commission (PSC) Advisory Board commissioned research to provide advice on successful models of collaboration within and between the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The outcome was a a research report and guidance tool known as the Collaboration Blueprint. In August 2016 the PSC Advisory Board commissioned a review on collaboration focussed in the Human Services sector. The review focussed on this sector because since 2013, the drivers for collaboration in this sector to improve customer, delivery and community outcomes have been given fresh impetus by the Government’s commissioning and contestability agenda. Access the research, guidance tool and Review report for guidance on creating a collaboration culture.
Doing Things Differently Report
This 2014 publication details research commissioned by the PSC Advisory Board that will enable NSW public sector agencies to improve productivity, and the measurement of customer satisfaction and take a more collaborative approach to the way they provide their services.
Ethics Stocktake report
In 2012, the Commission engaged the St James Ethics Centre to conduct a stocktake of ethics issues, policies and control systems in NSW public sector agencies. The purpose of the work was twofold - to provide baseline information, against which future trends could be compared, and to inform the Commission’s plan to promote and maintain the core values.
Ideas at Work review
The Public Service Commission (PSC) has the task of improving innovation within the NSW public sector (NSW 2021, Goal 30 (2011a)). A public sector working under conditions that allow innovation to flourish will help improve services to the public and will provide those services more efficiently. This discussion paper outlines the review and consultation the PSC conducted in the second half of 2012 and the ongoing work being carried out by the PSC that will assist in developing the conditions for innovation to occur.
Review of NSW Public Service Remuneration
A review of remuneration frameworks within the NSW Public Service was conducted in 2015. The Public Service Commission engaged Mercer to conduct this review of Public Service executive, and administrative and clerical remuneration. This was recommended by the 2012 Commission of Audit Interim Report – Public Sector Management, to inform workforce strategies for the administrative and clerical classification scale, as well as for executives.
The State of Workforce Reform
The State of Workforce Reform report