Flexible Working

The NSW Government has committed to making all roles flexible in the NSW government sector on the basis of ‘if not, why not’ by 2019.

The ‘Works for me. Works for NSW.’ strategic framework and communications campaign provides resource to help drive the implementation of this policy.

What does ‘if not, why not’ mean?

Flexible working is about rethinking the where, when and how your work can be done, in a way that maintains or improves service delivery for the people of NSW.

With the diversity of jobs across the sector and the people doing them, there is no ‘one-size-fits all’ approach to flexible working. What a flexible working arrangement looks like, and how it works, will be different according to the job, the team, the service being delivered and the location.

However, this commitment starts with the assumption that any proposal to work flexibly will be fully considered from the perspective of ‘how can we make this work?’

To help agencies, managers and employees determine how it might work in their given context, we have developed a strategic framework with has six principles that everyone can apply to determine their own flexible working solution – these principles are contained in Make Flexibility Count.

Key principles that underpin flexible working

  • For everyone
  • Mutually beneficial
  • About the team
  • Give & take
  • Leader led
  • Context matters

This policy commitment applies to all employees of the NSW government sector. Read more about who the policy commitment applies to.

Shifting perspectives on flexible working

Capturing employee's perspectives in the form of Personas can enable managers and leaders to better understand the unique communication needs and preferences of their employees and build confidence in having a conversation about flexible working with their teams.

Who does this policy commitment apply to?

This policy commitment applies to all employees of the NSW government sector. This includes employees of the following services, as defined in Part 1 s.3 of the NSW Government Sector Employment Act (2013):

  • the Public Service
  • the Teaching Service
  • the NSW Police Force
  • the NSW Health Service
  • the Transport Service of New South Wales
  • any other service of the Crown (including the service of any NSW government agency)
  • the service of any other person or body constituted by or under an Act or exercising public functions (such as a State owned corporation), being a person or body that is prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this definition.