Flexible Working

The NSW Public Sector is committed to the delivery of quality services for the community and therefore needs a diverse, skilled and motivated workforce. Employers are adopting more innovative and flexible ways of working in order to meet business objectives, to maintain productivity and to attract and retain skilled staff. Employees need greater flexibility to balance career, education and life roles and to extend their work life. Rapid advances in the application of new technologies and telecommunications help employers to structure work arrangements more flexibly.

As the largest employer in the state, the NSW public sector has a lot to offer employees: interesting and challenging work opportunities, the chance to make a real contribution to the community, professional development and career mobility across a range of occupations and industries. However, these benefits alone are not sufficient and to be a competitive employer, agencies need to implement flexible ways of working.

All NSW Government agencies are working to create cultures that are supportive of flexible working on an 'if not, why not' basis by 2019. This approach encompasses a commitment to enabling flexibility in all roles across the government sector in some form. Importantly NSW government sector agencies recognise that flexibility has different meanings for different people in different roles. Agencies are currently considering how to develop initiatives to implement the Government’s policy by 2019.