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Disability employment

We are working towards the Premier’s Priority of having 5.6% of government sector roles held by people with disability by 2025.

This webpage is a dedicated disability employment resource to:

  • help managers become disability confident
  • inform employees with disability
  • create a knowledge hub
  • showcase best practice examples
  • share useful content from sources outside of the PSC.

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We are regularly uploading new disability employment content so please keep visiting.

The following content has been recently uploaded to the disability employment webpage:

Building an inclusive and safe workplace for people with disability

The NSW Government is committed to building an inclusive and safe workplace for people with disability. As Australia’s largest employer, with approximately 400,000 employees, we need a workforce that has a diverse mix of skills and talent that is reflective of our population.

You all play an important role in shaping the culture of your team and workplace. We need to encourage full participation from people with disability in our workforce and to retain staff that may acquire disability during their employment.

The Public Service Commission’s Jobs for People with Disability program is driving sector-wide change through the following areas of action:

  • Attract and increase retention of people with disability through inclusive recruitment and timely workplace adjustments
  • Create a culture of inclusion across the NSW public sector workforce
  • Increase the participation of employees with disability by providing accessible ICT and physical workplace environments.

For more information about the Jobs for People with Disability program, contact Disability Employment.