Access the NSW Public Service talent pools

To request access to the talent pool and browse the candidates, email our support team and include your name, NSW Government agency and contact number.

Key benefits of hiring from the pools

The Public Service Talent Pools offer recruiters from across the sector a quick and easy way to fill roles, by providing access to high-calibre talent who are ready to be hired. Filling a role using these pools can be accomplished in as fast as seven days.

Some key benefits are:

Significant time and cost savings

access to diverse and high calibre talent

support mobility across the sector

bring fresh talent into the NSW Government.

Available pools

Learn more about the types of roles current Public Service talent pools can be used to fill, the role descriptions used, and the tailored assessment and selection processes used:

Grade 9/10 talent pool

An overview of candidates in the Grade 9/10 talent pool.

Grade 7/8 talent pool

An overview of candidates in the Grade 7/8 talent pool.