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Documentation and Records of Assignments

What documented advice and records your agency is required to make.

Following consultation with employees, agencies are to provide written advice of an assignment or temporary assignment to employees including the start date, end date (if applicable), manager’s details and the role description. If applicable, employees being temporarily assigned should also be advised of the proportion of any temporary assignment allowance to be paid to the employee. This may be through email or letter. A copy of the advice should be provided to the relevant human resources area. If the assignment will involve a reduction in remuneration the employee’s consent to this must be obtained and it should be in writing.

Record keeping

Assignments and temporary assignments will need to be recorded in human resources systems for purposes of payroll, delegations, reporting lines, Workforce Profile reporting, etc.

Managers are required to keep a note of discussions where an employee has objected to a planned assignment and action is subsequently taken to proceed with it (see section 4.4).