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Capability in the NSW public sector

The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework Version 2: 2020 (Capability Framework) is a foundational tool that supports the public sector to attract, recruit, develop and retain a responsive and capable workforce.

The Capability Framework provides the foundation for:

  • standardised job design and role descriptions
  • recruitment practices
  • performance development practices
  • mobility
  • learning and development activities
  • career planning conversations and activities
  • workforce planning.

Occupation-specific capability sets describe specialised capabilities for professional, technical or trade-related roles. These can be used to complement the Capability Framework where roles require specialised capabilities.

What’s new?

The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework and supporting resources have been updated. The framework is now known as NSW Public Sector Capability Framework Version 2: 2020.

These updates were made to reflect changes in public sector work and service delivery models and to more clearly distinguish between capability levels. The changes also reflect agency feedback to improve the Framework descriptors and behavioural indicators. 

Supporting resources have been updated and improved to assist agencies to apply the updated Capability Framework across the range of workforce management practices. Download our fact sheet for further information on what's new.

You can find all supporting resources on our Capability Framework Resources Index, including our recent webinar on the changes.   

Role description resources have also been updated.