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Chapter 9

More than 300 industrial instruments determine remuneration in the NSW public sector. Remuneration data is reported as the total annual base full-time salary, and excludes other payments such as allowances, penalty rates and superannuation. Many employees in the NSW public sector are paid within a salary band or range that includes an annual increment, subject to meeting certain performance standards.

Median remuneration


+2.0% vs 2021
All employees


+2.4% vs 2021


+2.0% vs 2021

Median remuneration for non-casual employees in the NSW public sector was $92,236 in 2022, an increase of 2.0% from 2021. The NSW Government wages policy provided for annual increases of up to 2.04% in 2022.1 This was below the increase in Sydney’s Consumer Price Index (5.3%)2, but was slightly higher than the growth in average full-time weekly earnings in Australia (1.9%).3 Figure 9.1 shows that the median salary in the public sector increased steadily over the past decade, in accordance with wages policy.

Within the government sector, the Transport Service had the highest median remuneration in 2022 (see Table 9.1). In contrast, other Crown services had the lowest median remuneration, consistent with previous years. This largely relates to School Support Staff, which constituted 53.4.% of other Crown services in 2022 and had a median salary of $57,818. Most of these employees were Education Aides (59.6%) or General Clerks (40.4%).

Table 9.1: Median remuneration of non-casual employees at census date, by service, 2021 to 2022

Service 2021 ($) 2022 ($) Change (%)
Public Service 94,610 96,540 2.0
NSW Health Service 90,062 91,899 2.0
NSW Police Force 96,332 98,287 2.0
Teaching Service 107,779 109,978 2.0
Transport Service 102,098 127,648 25.0
Other Crown services 62,079 62,078 0.0
Total government sector 90,394 92,236 2.0
State owned corporations 104,443 105,215 0.7
External to government sector 125,537 131,653 4.9
Total public sector 90,394 92,236 2.0

In 2022, the Transport Service had the largest increase in median remuneration, at 25.0%. One factor contributing to this change was the privatisation of the State Transit Authority, where 2,659 bus drivers separated with a median remuneration of $61,157. Another factor was the increase in employees paid in the upper salary ranges, with 312 employees who commenced in Sydney Metro in 2022 bring paid above the Transport Service median.


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