State of the Sector

The annual State of the NSW Public Sector Report provides a time-series assessment of the key factors that influence the shape, performance and behaviour of public sector agencies and the people who work in them.  

Public sector employees perform difficult roles in complex organisations against a wide range of expectations.  These reports provide an important independent  assessment of progress with the delivery of a comprehensive set of reforms.  They help both those in the public sector and the broader community to understand where the sector is at, where it is going and how it is progressing on that journey.   The reports are  an essential tool for focusing thinking and effort on the key issues that affect the public sector’s capacity to deliver on behalf of citizens and the government of the day.

2018 Report

Cover of SOPSR 2018 This is the seventh State of the NSW Public Sector Report published since the office of the Public Service Commissionerwas created in 2011. Read more in the State of the NSW Public Sector Report 2018 

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