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People Matter Employee Survey 2020

People Matter - NSW Public Sector Employee Survey logoOverview

The NSW People Matter Employee Survey 2020 is now open to NSW public sector employees.

The survey closes at 8pm on Friday, 13 November.

Response rates

We will update the response rates on this page each Monday of the survey period, starting 26 October. We will post final response rates after the survey closes.

Last updated: 19 October (next update: 26 October)

Name Response Rate
NSW public sector 0%
Customer Service 0%
Education 0%
Planning, Industry and Environment 0%
Premier and Cabinet 0%
Regional NSW 0%
Stronger Communities 0%
Transport 0%
Treasury 0%
Independent and other agencies 0%

About the People Matter Employee Survey

The annual survey asks sector employees about their experiences with their work, workgroup, managers, and organisation.

By having a say, sector employees are helping improve their workplace experience and helping make the NSW public sector a better place to work for everyone.

The Public Service Commission coordinates the survey in collaboration with all public sector departments and agencies.

Is the survey anonymous and confidential?

Yes, the survey is anonymous and confidential. Everyone in your organisation will receive the same survey link. The survey does not collect any identifying information, such as name, date of birth, email address, or employee ID.

How will the results be reported and used?

Your organisation will receive reports that summarise the answers of its employees. The purpose of these reports is to help your organisation make workplace improvements. To protect your privacy, these reports will only show the results for a group when 10 or more people in the group have responded. An even stricter lower limit of 30 applies to the open text comments.

Sector leaders, managers and employees can use the aggregated results to help improve their workplace. For example, results could inform decisions that create better employee and customer experiences.

The NSW Public Service Commission uses the anonymous, individual level data for internal research purposes, such as exploring the relationship between tenure and employee engagement. The Commission also reports on the overall performance of the public sector in the annual State of the NSW Public Sector Report. View the State of the NSW Public Sector Report 2019.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

See the PMES frequently asked questions page.