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Set out below is a list of the legislation, determinations and resources that should be considered when determining where within a senior executive band a role (or group of roles) is to be placed for the purpose of calculating its base remuneration point and discretionary remuneration range.

  • Government Sector Employment Act 2013
  • Government Sector Employment Regulation 2014
  • Government Sector Employment (General) Rules 2014
  • Government Sector Employment (Senior Executive Bands) Determination 2014
  • SOORT Public Service Senior Executives Annual Determination 2017
  • Guide to Performance Agreements for the Senior Executive Service July 2013
  • NSW Public Sector Capability Framework 2013
  • NSW Public Service Role Description Guideline 2014
  • NSW Public Service Senior Executive Work Level Standards 2013
  • Guidelines on assignment to role of Public Service senior executive and non-executive employees 2015
  • Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration Act 1975