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Capabilities & workforce planning

Capabilities & workforce planning

Capabilities and workforce planning includes the frameworks and systems that allow agencies to plan their workforce to align with agency strategic directions

Capability Framework

Any employment decision relating to a role in the NSW Public Service is to be based on an assessment of the capabilities, experience and knowledge of the person concerned against the pre-established standards for the role to determine the person best suited to the requirements of the role and the needs of the relevant Public Service agency.

The Capability Framework provides a common foundation for agencies to identify capability requirements when setting the pre-established standards for roles, and to use in filling roles, managing performance, capability development, career planning and, more broadly, workforce planning.


Occupation Specific Capability Sets

The Public Service Commission has developed occupation specific capability sets for professions that are common in the sector, and where functional capability building has been identified as a critical need. 

These occupation specific capability sets, together with the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework, will provide a holistic picture of the capabilities required as part of the pre-established standards for roles in particular professions.


Role Descriptions

A role description template, Role Description Development Guideline and an online Role Description Builder have been developed as time-saving resources for agencies when creating role descriptions incorporating capabilities from the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework and from sector-developed occupation specific capability sets. 

A library of customisable sector role descriptions is also available to support consistency and mobility across the sector. 


Work Level Standards

The NSW Public Service Senior Executive Work Level Standards (WLS) assist Departments and agencies in determining the appropriate band for Public Service senior executive roles under the Government Sector Employment Act 2013. The WLS indicate, in broad terms, the expected work to be performed at each of the senior executive bands across the NSW Public Service, other than the Departmental Secretaries band


Contingent Workforce Management Guidelines

The Contingent Workforce Management guidelines have been developed to assist NSW government sector agencies in the planning and management of contingent labour as part of its broad workforce strategy and management