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Performance feedback and reviews

We all work best when we have clear goals and understand what is expected of us; receive constructive and regular feedback about how we are performing and what we can do to improve; and are recognised for a job well done. 

Performance development (including regular feedback and scheduled performance reviews) can help to engage and develop employees and strengthen performance within an organisation.

Good performance development is about managing all aspects of employees’ performance consistently, equitably and transparently. A key part of this process is open and honest communication between employees and people managers to clarify requirements and capabilities of the role, establish measurable objectives, and ensure constructive ongoing feedback is provided.

Act, regulation, rules


All government sector agencies are required to have a performance management system with respect to employees of the agency.

Section 67 of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 establishes this requirement and the Government Sector Employment (General) Rules 2014 set out the core requirements of performance management systems 

The Performance Development Framework sets the approach for developing all aspects of performance for the NSW government sector.

The framework articulates expectations of employees, people managers and the organisation, recognising there is shared responsibility for driving high performance.

It features core requirements and sets out the essential elements which provide baseline principles for effective agency performance development.

Core requirements of the NSW Public Sector Performance Development Framework

  • Set and clarify expectations for employees.
  • Guide and review employee performance.
  • Develop employee capability.
  • Recognise employee achievements.
  • Improve employee performance.
  • Resolve unsatisfactory employee performance.
  • Evaluate and strengthen practices.

These 7 core requirements work with their corresponding essential elements which collectively:

  • define baseline principles for agency performance management and development
  • are applicable across different workforce types
  • capture both organisational systems and effective people practices

More information

  • The NSW Public Sector Performance Development Framework contains the guidelines and essential elements set by the Public Service Commissioner, which all public sector agency performance management systems must meet

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