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Aboriginal Employment Strategy 2014-17
15 Apr 2015
This Strategy sets out the key initiatives to be implemented across the NSW Public Sector as a whole and within Departments and agencies over the period 2014 to 2017. These cross-Sector activities will be driven by the NSW Public Service Commission in collaboration with Departments and individual agencies.Recognising that many agencies already successfully implement their own Aboriginal Employment Strategies, this Strategy is not prescriptive. Instead, through a separate implementation resource, it will provide a regularly updated ‘menu’ of activities that have proven to be successful in achieving improvements in Aboriginal employment results and it will monitor progress.
Assignment to role guidelines
5 Feb 2015
The Assignment to Role Guidelines provide guidance on mobility through assignment within the Public Service under the provisions of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act), enabling movement of non-executive employees within a public service agency and of executives across all public service agencies.
Behaving Ethically
31 Oct 2014
Behaving Ethically is a package of resources designed to help government sector employees to better understand the obligation to act ethically and in the public interest. It provides practical guidance that government sector employees can use in their day-to-day dealings with colleagues, clients, customers, stakeholders and the government of the day.
Capability Framework
9 Aug 2011
The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework provides a common foundation for creating roles, recruiting to roles, managing performance, capability development, career planning and, more broadly, workforce planning.
Contingent Workforce Management Guidelines
8 Dec 2014
The Contingent Workforce Management Guidelines exist to enable government sector agencies to improve contingent workforce planning, management and governance.
Employment related medical services for the NSW Public Sector (Guide for Agencies)
22 Sep 2016
From 17 October 2016 the Employment Related Medical Services Prequalification Scheme established a panel of prequalified medical service providers for the NSW Public Sector. The purpose of this guide is to inform agencies on the benefits of, and the processes for using providers on the Scheme.
Graduate employee promotion guideline
31 Mar 2019
This guideline provides assistance to NSW Public Service agencies on the use of rule 20A of the Government Sector Employment (General) Rules 2014 (GSE Rules) to promote a graduate employee after they have successfully completed an approved graduate program. The guideline outlines key factors to be considered when deciding to promote a graduate employee, although it is up to each agency to decide if and how they will apply GSE rule 20A. The guideline also sets out the standards that the Public Service Commissioner will use to approve applications for a graduate program to be recognised for the purpose of using GSE rule 20A.
Guideline: Inquiries into the administration and management of government sector agencies
21 Sep 2015
This guideline sets out a principles-based approach to guide the Public Service Commissioner in considering whether to exercise the power of inquiry under section 83 of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act). It also provides guidance on the exercise of the power.
Guidelines on Public Service above-level allowances (for temporary assignments and secondments)
14 Dec 2015
This document provides guidance on payment of allowances for above-level temporary assignments and above-level secondments when Public Service senior executive (senior executive) and non- executive (non-executive) employees are temporarily assigned or seconded to a role with higher salary or remuneration and work value within the Public Service.
Health Privacy Code of Practice for the Public Service Commission
28 Sep 2018
In performing its functions the PSC deals with information about the NSW public sector workforce and prospective NSW public sector employees. This information is known as the PSC workforce data . Some of the information that the PSC collects as part of its data collections constitutes “health information” for the purposes of the HRIP Act. This Code applies to all PSC workforce data held by the PSC.
Making Flexibility Count strategic framework
22 Dec 2017
The Make Flexibility Count strategic framework outlines how implementation of the flexible working policy commitment can take place in the NSW government sector.
NSW Public Service Senior Executive Remuneration Management Framework
2 Jul 2018
This 2018-2019 NSW Public Service Senior Executive Remuneration Management Framework is a guide for all Public Service agencies as listed in Schedule 1 of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013. The Framework outlines the approach for determining where within a Public Service senior executive band a senior executive role or group of roles is to be placed for the purpose of calculating their base remuneration point and discretionary remuneration range. It also outlines the considerations for the Secretary or head of an agency in paying above the discretionary range and, separately, how a senior executive can progress along the discretionary range. The NSW Health Service, NSW Transport Service and NSW Police Force may also use the Framework.
Performance Development Framework
4 Sep 2018
The NSW Public Sector Performance Development Framework contains the guidelines and essential elements set by the Public Service Commissioner, which all public sector agency performance management systems must meet
Positive and Productive Workplaces Guide
29 Apr 2016
The Positive and Productive Workplaces Guideline is a guide for the NSW government sector to prevent and manage unreasonable behaviour and bullying. This guide sets out the principles for addressing incidents of bullying where it occurs; however, its major focus is on prevention and early intervention. This is based on the evidence that bullying is less likely to occur in organisations that have a positive, respectful and productive workplace culture, coupled with a strategy of immediate response to any symptoms of behaviour likely to escalate into bullying.
Privacy Code of Practice for the Public Service Commission
3 Aug 2018
In performing its functions the PSC deals with information about the NSW public sector workforce and prospective NSW public sector employees. This information is known as the PSC workforce data .This Code applies to all PSC workforce data held by the PSC.
Role Description Development Guideline
23 Jun 2015
The Role Description Development Guideline provides more detailed advice on what to include in role descriptions.
Strategic Workforce Planning Framework
11 Apr 2019
The Strategic Workforce Planning Framework has been developed to assist agencies across the NSW government sector to better understand and prepare for their future workforce needs. It outlines a practical, principles-based approach to implementing strategic workforce planning, which can be easily adapted to meet the particular circumstances and workforce needs of individual agencies. The Framework can be used when undertaking workforce planning in all areas of an agency, and may facilitate cross-sector workforce planning to achieve the best outcomes for the people of NSW.
Strategy mapping guide
4 Sep 2018
This tool drives organisational performance by helping leaders to define clear, customer-focused outcomes and objectives; communicate strategy and vision with employees, stakeholders and customers; and clarify for employees how their work fits into the bigger picture.
Transfer and Secondment Guidelines
12 Oct 2016
The Transfer and Secondment Guidelines provide policy guidance on the application of two key mobility provisions in the GSE Act: section 64 (Employee transfers and secondments between government sector agencies) and section 66 (Secondments of staff between government sector agencies and other relevant bodies).

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