COVID-19 may mean some office-based employees need to temporarily scale back their roles. You or people in your team, for whatever reason, may not be able to work full-time during this period.

We have developed toolkits for employees and managers that provides a straightforward process for identifying the tasks and responsibilities that can be shifted, paused or re-allocated to effectively balance any increase in work and life responsibilities.

While some team members will be able to continue with full time work, with or without varied start/finish times, others may need to switch to part-time or job share in the short-term. The latter is the focus of this guidance.

Refer to our ‘Design your own flexibility trial toolkit’ for the other forms of flexible working that generally have a lower impact on a role’s design.

This toolkit provides a process to make short-term role adjustments to help your team effectively balance any increase in work and life responsibilities.

Your role as a manager

This toolkit focuses on your actions as a manager in adjusting a role to help team members to balance their work and other responsibilities.

Your role here is to:

  • Help team members clarify the work implications of needing to adjust their hours of participation both at a team and individual level.
  • Challenge yourself and your team to identify different ways to plan and arrange the team’s work and question which work is a priority. Co-design role adjustment solutions with team members that work for their individual circumstances and the team outcomes.
  • Work with the team to identify and address any customer/client implications of role adjustments.

The role adjustment process for managers

The role adjustment process for managers

This is a process map for the resources available in this toolkit. The process is divided into four phases however you do not need to work through all the resources. Pick and choose as required. Phase 1 – Understand your needs. This phase includes tip sheets 1 and 2. Phase 2 – Prioritise and adjust your role. This phase includes the role adjustment tool and tip sheets 3, 5 and 6. Phase 3 – Check-ins regularly. This phase includes tip sheets 7 and 8. Phase 4 – End of COVID-19 restrictions. This phase includes tip sheet 9.