As teams gradually return to their workplaces, as either a home/office hybrid, or some other combination entirely, you may be receiving feedback from managers in your cohort wondering how to manage the 'flexibility genie' now it's out of the bottle. How can they 'build back better' to take advantage over what we've all learned, but devise a sustainable plan that continues to meet or improve on business and team outcomes?

Our businesses now have an unprecedented opportunity to consider:

  • how we worked over this period
  • what we learned (about our work, our teams and ourselves)
  • what we might want to change permanently, and what we might need to keep improving

How can we go from just 'keeping the lights on' to finding something sustainable?

The PSC has looked to its evidence base from our successful flexibility pilots across the sector and a diversity of workplaces and roles, to devise a toolkit for managers needing to have this planning conversation with their team.

We have developed a workshop that managers can run with their teams. The workshop helps to make the most of lessons learned but keep that focus on delivering outcomes. Whatever pace or pattern workforces return to the workplace in, and however they do that, managers having this discussion is a great opportunity for teams to design their ‘new normal’ way of working. Our expectations of flexibility have changed permanently, but our focus on outcomes has not - this workshop helps managers and their teams find the balance.

Produced as a toolkit, it contains a series of simple templates to structure a discussion and devise a plan, as a team. It will help managers plan and set up the workshop and gives you all you need to prompt useful discussion and form a plan in it, as well as a slide deck if you want to use that in support. The structure also allows business partners/HR to facilitate this workshop for managers and their team.

It will give you the opportunity to discuss with your team how they have been working over the period of COVID-19 restrictions, and to decide how they can work in the future in a way to support the organisation and team, yet maintain some of the current flexibility and productivity experienced over COVID-19.

From a team’s perspective, it will build a shared sense of ownership, responsibility and accountability by co-designing their ‘new normal’, and the opportunity to re-think where, when, how and by whom the team’s outcomes are achieved.

Build Back Better Toolkit

Helping your team design a new normal.

Build Back Better workshop presentation

Download the PowerPoint presentation template.