Searching this website (open access)

Under the GIPA Act, certain information is required by law to be available on our website, free of charge. This is called open access information and includes our policy documents and tabled documents, our disclosure log, our register of government contracts and other information contained in our Agency Information Guide. 

In addition to the open access information which the Commission is required by law to make available, the Commission also proactively releases a large volume of other information. Browsing our website will give you some guidance about the other kinds of information the Commission holds and releases publicly. 

Public Service Commission information available on this website

Policy documents 

Policy documents are those that guide our decisions, actions and procedures in fulfilling our public functions. The GIPA Act requires that all of the Commission’s current policy documents be made available on this website (unless there are overriding public interest reasons why that cannot be done) 

Many policy documents that apply to the Commission take the form of, or are issued as, Public Service Commission Circulars or Premier’s Memoranda, and in the past as Department of Premier and Cabinet Circulars. Our other policy documents are available in the Legislation and Policy section of this website.  

Tabled documents 

From time to time other documents are tabled in the Parliament concerning the Commission. These tabled documents are also available via this website. For example, refer to the State of the NSW Public Sector Report.  

Register of government contracts 

All contracts the Public Service Commission enters into with the private sector valued over $150,000 are required to be recorded in the register of government contracts, which is published on the NSW Government Tenders and Contracts.  

The details of each contract is required to be entered into the register within 45 working days of the contract coming into effect, and must remain on the register for 20 working days or until the contract is complete, whichever is longer. 

The Government tender’s website also provides details of current tender opportunities in accordance with Premier's Memorandum 2007-01 - Public Disclosure of Information arising from NSW Government Tenders and Contracts.

Advertising campaigns 

In 2016 we launched an online campaign to promote NSW Government as an employer of choice, and in 2022 we launched a social media campaign to promote the 2023 NSW Government Graduate Program. Both campaigns have been certified for compliance with the Government Advertising Act 2011.

Advertising Compliance Certificate for 2016 NSW Government Overarching Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Campaign

Advertising Compliance Certificate for 2023 NSW Government Graduate Program Campaign