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State of the NSW Public Sector

The annual State of the NSW Public Sector Report provides a time-series assessment of the key factors that influence the shape, performance and behaviour of public sector agencies and the people who work in them.


Workforce Profile

Workforce Profile data is published each year as a companion report to the State of the NSW Public Sector Report. It presents a comprehensive view of what the NSW Public Sector workforce looks like and how it is changing. The Workforce Profile provides a deeper analytic perspective on workforce issues and characteristics.

Further detail about our Workforce Profile collection:


People Matter Employee Survey

The PMES provides an important opportunity for almost 400,000 employees to have a say about their workplace and to help make the NSW public sector a better place to work. It asks employees about experiences with their own work and working with their team, managers and the organisation.

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View the People Matter Employee Survey

Capability Framework Stocktake Report

Published: 2018

The Capability Framework Stocktake Report explores the perspectives of agency Human Resources Professionals and Line Managers. It considers emerging capability needs identified by subject matter experts in the NSW Public Sector, the capabilities literature and developments in other jurisdictions.

View Capability Framework Stocktake Report

Review of NSW Public Service Recruitment Reforms

Published: 2018

This report assessed how well the recruitment and mobility reforms introduced by the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 have been embedded in public service agencies. It also assessed the overall maturity of recruitment and mobility practices in these agencies.

View the Review of NSW Public Service Recruitment Reforms report

Creating a Collaboration Culture

Updated: 2016

In 2013 we commissioned research to provide advice on successful models of collaboration between the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The outcome was the Collaboration Blueprint. In August 2016 we added a Collaboration review report which provides guidance on creating collaboration cultures.

View Creating a Collaboration Culture

Review of NSW Public Service Remuneration

Published: 2015

A review of remuneration frameworks within the NSW Public Service was conducted in 2015. The Public Service Commission engaged Mercer to conduct this review of Public Service executive, and administrative and clerical remuneration. This was recommended by the 2012 Commission of Audit Interim Report – Public Sector Management, to inform workforce strategies for the administrative and clerical classification scale, as well as for executives.

View the 2015 Review of NSW Public Service Remuneration

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