Policy & Legislation

The Public Service Commission leads the strategic development and management of  public sector workforce policies. The Personnel Handbook is available on the EmploymentPortal as a reference point for matters which remain relevant under the transitional provisions of the GSE Act and GSE Regulation. Current and archived policies can be searched and viewed in the policy directory. Policy initiatives and updates are communicated to the public sector via Circulars and Memoranda.

Act, Regulation & Rules
The Government Sector Employment Act 2013 provides a new and streamlined statutory framework devoted solely to the NSW Government Sector Employment and Workforce Management. The GSE Act is part of the strategy to modernise the NSW public sector.
Administrative Requirements Portal (ARP)
The Administrative Requirements Portal is the central directory of directions, circulars and other communications from the NSW Government's central agencies for whole of sector.
Employment Portal
The EmploymentPortal is an online workforce management information portal and a resource for employees and managers. It is the key central source of legislative and policy information and resources for public sector employment.
NSW Government Boards and Committees
As part of the establishment process for new entities, Ministers are to consult the Public Service Commissioner to determine the appropriate classification (and remuneration) level for both paid and unpaid boards and committees covered by the Framework. Agencies advising Ministers should use the Framework to arrive at a proposed classification and remuneration level for the entity.
Remuneration Tribunals
Currently in NSW there are three Remuneration Tribunals which are independent bodies established by legislation to make determinations on remuneration and/or additional entitlements.
Reporting Serious Wrongdoing
The Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994 sets in place a system to encourage people who work in the NSW public sector to report serious wrongdoing in the sector without fear of being sued for defamation or breach of confidence or action in reprisal for their making a report.

The Public Service Commission acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of the land on which our office stands.