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Workforce transition

Workforce transition is the management of staff through organisational changes, including redundancy.

Workforce transition refers to the reorganisation of an agency’s workforce associated with restructure of the agency, including managing excess employees. The Government Sector Employment Act 2013 and the supporting regulation and rules provide the NSW Public Service with the framework for managing workforce transition.

Act, regulation, rules

What policies cover workforce transition?

Policies on workforce transition made prior to the commencement of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 remain in place and apply to the Public Service. On 12 August 2014, the Public Service Commissioner notified those policies on workforce transition under rule 13 of the Government Sector Employment (General) Rules 2014 (see notification of applicable policies).

Agencies should also consult the Assignment to role Guideline and the Mobility Guideline – Transfers and secondments. Agencies should always consider the impact on their people when restructuring – this includes providing early and consistent communication with employees; offering appropriate support; and providing a clear rationale and vision for the change. If you have an enquiry, please direct it to

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Key workforce transition guidelines include:

Administrative Requirements:

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