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Pay and benefits

Pay and benefits includes salaries, wages, allowances and other benefits provided to employees in the public service.

Pay (also referred to as ‘remuneration’) for the public sector in NSW is set by a number of awards, agreements and determinations. These are managed by a number of agencies within the NSW Government.

Act, regulation, rules

Employees in the NSW public sector have employment conditions, which vary according to the legislation and industrial instrument that apply to their job type and employing agency. A list of the legislation, awards and determinations covering the major groups of Public Service employees is published by Public Sector Industrial Relations.

For information on employment conditions applying to NSW Public Service employees please visit the Public Service Industrial Relations Guide.

At a glance

The Public Service Commission publishes: 

  • guidelines for above level allowances for executive and non-executive employees 
  • and the framework for remuneration management for Public Service senior executives

This Employment Portal page provides information on pay including allowances and other benefits for public service employees.

Other departments provide information on other aspects of pay and benefits for the government sector.

Other pay and benefits information

In the public sector, pay (also referred to as ‘remuneration’) and benefits are determined by a number of Acts, regulations and rules. These are managed by a number of agencies with the NSW Government.

Other departments provide information on other aspects of pay and benefits for the government sector.

NSW Treasury 

You will find most of the information relating to the pay and benefits for public sector employees on the NSW Industrial Relations website. They are responsible for administering the industrial awards which set wages and employment conditions for public sector employees.

They also provide guidance to human resources and industrial relations personnel on industrial relations matters where they are unable to be resolved within their agency.

Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

Department of Finance, Services & Innovation publishes information about salary packaging arrangements, and whole of government travel related services and policies.

More information

  • This document provides guidance on payment of allowances for above-level temporary assignments and above-level secondments when Public Service senior executive (senior executive) and non-executive (non-executive) employees are temporarily assigned or seconded to a role with higher salary or remuneration and work value within the Public Service.

  • Public Service senior executives’ remuneration is set annually in line with this Senior Executive Remuneration Management Framework.
    It incorporates the Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration Tribunal (SOORT) Annual Determination for Public Service Senior Executives.

    You can also view the Senior Executive Remuneration Management Framework version for previous years.

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