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We attract and retain a high calibre professional government sector workforce and we ensure we recruit and promote employees based on merit.

Applying for a role
The NSW Public Service recruits employees based on merit. This means that from a field of applicants the assessors select the person best suited to the requirements of the role and the needs of the Public Service agency. Applying for a job needs careful thought as you need to put in time and effort to write an application that will be seriously considered. You need to show how your capabilities, knowledge and experience are relevant to the job you are applying for as the assessors know nothing about you.
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Pay and benefits
Pay (also referred to as ‘remuneration’) for the public sector in NSW is set by a number of awards, agreements and determinations. These are managed by a number of agencies within the NSW Government.
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Flexible working arrangements
Flexible working is about rethinking the where, when and how your work can be done, in a way that maintains or improves service delivery for the people of NSW. It does not mean every role, or every individual, can or should (or has to) work flexibly but what it does mean is that everyone can begin a conversation about what type of flexible working is available to them, regardless of the reason they are seeking it.
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Awards and conditions of employment
Employees in the NSW public sector have varied employment conditions according to the legislation and industrial award or agreement that applies to the type of job and employing agency.
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Health and wellbeing
The NSW Government has committed to provide safe and healthy workplaces for all workers in the sector. Our workplaces can be instrumental in keeping us healthy and well, and engaged and productive. Agencies and employees can encourage safe working conditions. Health and wellbeing at work includes health assessment and fitness for duty, as well as broader health and wellbeing guidance to encourage safe working conditions for employees.
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Senior executives
The NSW public sector needs strong, capable, high performing and innovative leadership to ensure community expectations, government and State Plan priorities and commitments are met by NSW public sector agencies. Senior executives are expected to have a high level of integrity and demonstrate commitment to the public sector values.
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