Positive and productive workplaces

Positive and Productive Workplaces: Guide for the NSW government sector to prevent and manage unreasonable behaviour and bullying

This guide supports NSW government sector agencies, their leaders and employees in preventing, identifying and responding to workplace bullying.

The guide focuses on how to create and maintain positive and productive work environments.

Bullying will not be tolerated by anyone; it is eliminated when leaders, managers and employees treat each other with dignity and respect.

The guide deals with

  • what is bullying and what is not
  • why we need to be concerned about bullying and its impacts
  • how to create positive and productive workplaces that prevent bullying by:
    • establishing organisational values and a code of conduct
    • being clear about expected behaviours
    • responding promptly to one off incidents of poor behaviour
    • using data to understand correlations with sound workforce management practices
  • how to respond to bullying when it does occur

Access the Positive and Productive Workplaces Guide

In the coming months the PSC will be working on a project to provide tools and resources for translating the principles in this guide into practice.