Trust, Service

& Accountability


A highly capable public sector workforce characterised by a culture of integrity, trust, service and accountability.


The Public Service Commission (PSC) will support and work with the sector in achieving the goals as set out in NSW 2021 through: developing and driving the implementation of standards and policies; delivering key enabling programs; and, collecting, analysing and providing information covering all aspects of workforce management in the public sector environment.



  • Consider people equally without prejudice or favour.
  • Act professionally with honesty, consistency and impartiality.
  • Take responsibility for situations, showing leadership and courage.
  • Place the public interest over personal interest.


  • Appreciate difference and welcome learning from others.
  • Build relationships based on mutual respect.
  • Uphold the law, institutions of government and democratic principles.
  • Communicate intentions clearly and invite teamwork and collaboration.
  • Provide apolitical and non-partisan advice.


  • Provide services fairly with a focus on customer needs
  • Be flexible, innovative and reliable in service delivery.
  • Engage with the not-for-profit and business sectors to develop and implement service solutions.
  • Focus on quality while maximising service delivery.


  • Recruit and promote staff on merit.
  • Take responsibility for decisions and actions.
  • Provide transparency to enable public scrutiny.
  • Observe standards for safety.
  • Be fiscally responsible and focus on efficient, effective and prudent use of resources.

Strategic Priorities

Building the PSC

PSC has a capable,motivated workforce working on agreed priorities in a well governed organisation. PSC is an acknowledged centre of excellence in public sector governance and workforce management.


Clusters/agencies performance in relation to all aspects of culture and workforce management is reported transparently to the sector,the Parliament and the community.

Focusing on Customers

Clusters/agencies practices and processes reflect high degrees of understanding of customer needs and a capacity to innovate in response to those needs.

Promoting Values

Clusters/agencies reflect core public sector values in their business processes,services and approaches to workforce management.

Developing Capabilities

Clusters/agencies recruit, manage and develop staff according to clearly specified capabilities, assessing relative merit through the best selection methods.


Clusters/agencies workforce management practices are underpinned by, and reflect best practice models of, all aspects of workforce management.

Key Focus Areas

Promoting Values

  • Tools for assessing organisational culture
  • Embedding values in cluster/agency systems and practices
  • Codes of conduct
  • Public sector as employer of choice

Developing Capabilities

  • Capability in respect of policy development/reform and service design
  • Capability in respect of human resource, financial and resource/asset management
  • Cluster/agency capacity for working within devolved model
  • PSC sector-wide executive development


  • Reform of the SES and executive-equivalent levels
  • Workforce information
  • Recruitment processes and practices
  • Workforce planning
  • Performance management systems, processes and practice
  • Approaches to staff development
  • Employment arrangements

Focusing on Customers

  • Customer research
  • Models for citizen engagement, co-design and partnerships
  • Emerging technologies
  • Enabling decisions at the frontline


  • State of the sector reporting
  • Agency approaches to staff surveys
  • Benchmarking
  • Linking workforce management initiatives to organisational and service outcomes
  • Advanced data capture, reporting and predictive analysis

Building the PSC

  • PSC business processes and systems
  • PSC governance
  • PSC workforce design and capability
  • PSC performance
  • Creating a centre of excellence in public administration/workforce management


The PSC will determine the direction of change and standards of practice for workforce management across the sector. It will work with clusters/agencies to develop policy and deliver programs consistent with the change direction. The PSC undertakes to avoid creating unnecessary red tape. Where it determines a new or changed requirement of agencies, these will be made for good reason and facilitated through the most streamlined approach available.

NSW Public Service Commission Strategic Directions 2012 - 2015


Welcome to the Public Service Commission 

The establishment of the NSW Public Service Commission (PSC) recognises that delivering improved services to the public can only be achieved through having a capable, ethical, service-oriented, accountable public service that is able to serve successive governments in a non-partisan manner. While it is the job of EVERY department/agency to build such a public service, the Public Service Commission has been given a unique role in leading this endeavour.

We are charged with leading the sector in a transformation of culture. Assisting agencies to properly reflect core public sector values in their processes and services is a priority for the PSC. We are committed to exemplifying those values in our own work.

This strategic directions statement is designed to guide the organisation during a period where it is both establishing itself and rolling out work that is critical to public sector reform. The areas of focus set out in this statement will underpin the PSC’s annual business planning and will, in turn, flow through to individuals’ performance agreements.

 Strategic Directions 2012-2015 (PDF 500.1KB)


Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists of the 2014 Premier's Public Service Awards.
View the list of winners and see photos from the night.


The awards recognise excellence in the delivery of public services by individuals and organisations in the public, private and non-for-profit sectors.

 ADFR Support

Government Sector Employment Act 2013

The Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act) commenced on 24 February 2014 and repeals the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 2002 (PSEM Act).

The new Act is supported by the GSE Regulation 2014 and GSE Rules 2014.  The GSE Act, Regulation and Rules, along with other relevant materials are accessible via the EmploymentPortal – your online guide to NSW Government Sector Employment.

EthicsLeadership Conference Logo

Ethics and Leadership in the Public Sector, 7-8 May

The PSC will host Ethics and Leadership in the Public Sector, a multi-jurisdictional conference for senior executives and managers, at the Hilton Sydney on 7 and 8 May 2015.

The conference will bring together a range of experts in the field to identify ethics best practice in a public sector setting.

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NSW Public Sector Aboriginal Employment Strategy 2014 - 2017. Access the Strategy
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