Caretaker period

Elections place particular requirements on publicservants. Special arrangements apply in the leadup to an election, when the Government assumes a‘caretaker’ role.

Guidelines for caretaker conventions are issued bythe Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) priorto an election and are available at Under the conventions, Departments and agenciesgenerally should not be requested to provide policy
advice during the caretaker period. However, Ministersmay continue to ask Departments and agencies forfactual information and material concerning thenormal day-to-day business of government. Managersneed to ensure that employees engaged with theMinister’s office are fully aware of, and comply with,the caretaker conventions and practices.

The caretaker conventions should be discussed withthe Minister’s office in advance of an election, withfurther discussions as required.

Questions regarding the caretaker conventions shouldbe directed to the Secretary of DPC.