Flexible working Skillsets

The PSC has developed a set of skillsets for leaders, managers, employees and HR that define for the first time what you need to know, say and do to work flexibly. Included in each skillset is:

  • a self-assessment, so people can see where they’re at and what areas they may need to improve
  • a development guide that refers people to accessible resources useful to build their skills base; whether it’s in managing for team or personal outcomes, inclusion, or demonstrating trust

We anticipate these skillsets will be helpful for HR partners and managers who may be seeking to run practical sessions in the workplace to assist employees to work more flexibly. The skillsets may also be useful for senior executives, team leaders and employees to understand what is required of them to work flexibly, or support others to work flexibly, and build capability in this area. These skillsets could also be used for individual training and development programs, or as part of a whole-agency strategy for implementing flexible working initiatives.

Use the Assessment tool to discover which skills you most need to improve, then check the Development guide for places you can go to gain new skills or insight in these areas.

For Leaders

For Managers

For HR Managers

For Employees