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The Flex Implementation Tracker (FIT) is an Excel-based survey that your organisation can complete to measure and compare the progress it has made in implementing flexible working. The FIT was built by the NSW Public Service Commission, in consultation with the NSW Government sector, to help agencies to reach the Premier’s policy commitment of all roles in the government sector being flexible on an ‘if not, why not’ basis, provided they maintain or improve service delivery.

The FIT can be used to report internally on progress, track relative agency progress and compare employee survey and work force profile data to see correlations (or counterfactual data) in progress.

The FIT has been designed to align with the maturity scale outlined in the PSC’s Strategic Framework for implementing flexible working in the NSW Government Sector, “Make Flexibility Count”, and aligns to each of the areas in which organisational change is typically required. Score your organisation as either ‘Ad Hoc’, ‘Consolidated’ or ‘Embedded’ in each change area; and detailed descriptions are provided to help you accurately assess your rating.